The story continues

April 2008

April 8th, 2008

Dear Friends, the moment has arrived to pass on the word about Rosa . I think that she can express much more, which have been her most important advances in this period:



My thinking is something poetic or it can also be said to be sentimental when I think about my advances in this period. It is easy to say, what it is that has improved: it was my capacity to communicate with signs, syllables, gestures, and facial expressions. It is a great joy that someone can understand what I want to say that is not my family. My auditive hypersensitivity is also much better. The sounds bother me a little less and they are disturbing my behaviour less. My walking is also better. Now I can show records of distances that before I wasn't able to achieve.

It is also a great progress that I can run a little and also I see the ground better. Another advance is that I can do the log rolls alone. It is something that I wasn't able to do for a long time. But there are also benefits for Elke. Now she doesn't have to do it.

Intellectually I have made many advances. The books that I read are more sophisticated and in this way I have learned to analyze difficult themes. Of math I would have liked a little more university themes. It is difficult for my mom to get sufficiently interesting books. In the library they only have up to calculus and algebra. Trigonometry is more interesting but it also already bored me. Someone who has difficult books, would they be able to send them to my house? I would appreciate it a lot. It is something I really want.

Now I think little in my graduation because a lot of time is left but I am one hundred percent sure that someday I will achieve it.

When I pursue this goal, for me the stress and anguish of not being like kids my age ends. For me it is the only goal possible.

In its allegorical rescue from grilling in this hell of heat that we have here, Elke is uniting all her strength to be able to prepare a really cool trip to Philadelphia . It is a little stressful but it always is like that.

That is almost everything. I just need to thank you all for your support and also give my best wishes for all.

Rosa says goodbye.

In the same way, Elke, Darinel and Maria say goodbye. Greetings and best wishes from all of us.

In Morelos Park , Rosa plays for the first time on a trampoline alone with her sister.


Rosa can now drive a scooter that she bought with her points from the civil code. (middle)

The gradparents visiting (Foto right side)

The grandparents visiting and changing the house.