November 2010


Dear friends, this report is long overdue. This year I had lots of difficulties keeping the page up to date. I don’t usually try to talk myself out of something but this time I need to explain myself. My tardiness has many reasons.

First of all the children’s program “VIVA LA PELOTA” which we have been producing since 3 years. Luckily it is very successful. We have a constant income although the pay is moderate.

Before that we had to jump from project to project never having sufficient funds. Sometimes we couldn’t even cover our basic costs. We have been producing over a hundred programs the last 3 years and the amount of people I ,as a producer, have to stay in contact with grows steadily. While we could use our own imagination in the beginning we now have to create new things.

My workday for “Vientos Culturales” starts at 5 p.m. Before that I have already spent many hours with Rosa working on the program from the Institutes.  Then Maggi my sister-in-law takes over the work. I work from 5 to 10 p.m. and many times until late at night when the kids are already fast asleep. In between these hours everything has to be taken care of.

Everything is really urgent and the website is being neglected hoping that the donators are more patient than the so lovely staff. Darinel lends me a hand with Rosa in the morning and then works the whole day. On Sundays we can spend more time together.

Now the second reason: Darinel was recently diagnosed with a heart condition. They could not determine a specific reason.

Beforehand he had demonstrated characteristic problems but we never took it seriously. The examination showed a severe damage of the heart muscle combined with a heart expansion and a decrease in heart activity. He had to start taking medication daily. Under different circumstances the constraint of capacity wouldn’t have been so fatal but with chiapanecan temperatures being around 40 degrees it really isn’t that easy.

He had to sleep a lot and was almost unable to aid in the program with Rosa. Working was very difficult for him. Darinel often had to go to sleep during the day to rest while the staff was waiting for him. It really wasn’t an easy time and of course I didn’t have urges to write. It was a little bit too much.

Rosa gardening


Rosa on Halloween. The mask is made out of papier maché and was made directly on her face. Surprisingly she was able to hold still the whole time.


I call the third reason going “Green for life”. During our last visit to Philadelphia Dr. Cheikin called our attention to the fact that Rosa’s diet lacked vegetables.  He recommended us  Victoria Boutenkos’s book “ Green for life”.

I am always grateful when a myth is busted. Most of us would think the food pyramid is smaller but the book showed me in a very simple way how to utilize fruit or any kind of raw leaves (spinach, dandelion, lettuce, parsley, celery, coriander etc.) to make tasty smoothies.

We all started drinking lots of them and it really helped. I kept on reading in particular about a diet of uncooked vegetarian food. I found out that this diet is said to help with many illnesses including heart conditions. Darinels Cardiologist told us that there would never be any improvement in his condition and that he would have to keep on taking his medication his whole life.



I kept on reading and reading. We drank more of the green smoothies, too. We felt better and had more energy. For the first time in my life it was easy to get up early in the morning without feeling pooped. The end of the story is that in May I told Darinel: “Switch of the gas in the kitchen. This might help you.”

We told ourselves to try it for a month. Just the two of us without the kids. Let’s see what happens. We started to eat only uncooked vegetarian food. Raw fruit and vegetables, lots of green leaves, cold pressed olives and sesame oil, coconuts, nuts, avocados, alga (spirulina), amaranth, wheat germs and more. Now we eat also cooked beans and lentil but no meat and no dairy products, of course no cheese, no yoghurt and no eggs.

The first month was really difficult. We were always hungry and I didn’t really know how to “cook raw”. Suddenly I had to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The recipes from the internet weren’t much of help either because I couldn’t buy the ingredients.
It also was difficult to buy that many “good” vegetables. In Mexico pesticides and contaminated water are big issues.
I had to be very creative but now after 7 months I am almost an expert.

The best was that Darinel started to feel better. Not just better, we all felt younger than we had never felt before in our life. Sparkling with energy and ready to act. Our mood also changed. We were always in a good temper and our annoying arguments ceased to exist which positively affected the program with Rosa. It was so much more fun.

We are braver and our fears almost vanished. I for example used to have fear of heights and fear of the dark. We could also spend more time with Maria.

Maria is now reaching puberty and needs a lot of attention. She was very happy to see her parents’ positive change and tried our food.  She changed a lot and ate more and more of our meals. Now her grades are a lot better. Her mood changed from a grumpy teenager to that of a busy young lady who is interested in everything. Our attention was especially caught by her new found desire to read. She never read that much before. She also is in very good shape which makes her even prettier than she already is.

Darinel started to reduce his medication and was able to exercise. He also needs a lot less sleep and is always present at work.  He is able to help me more with Rosa and on the side he learns English.



Rosa at the test performance of our Christmas play. This time she will be an angel messenger. This means she will walk and act on her own and will not be guided by someone.


It was only a question of time until we thought about setting Rosa up with the same diet. We were a little afraid at first but after an inquiry with the institutes we were ready. In July, almost Rosa’s 10th birthday, she became a vegetarian of uncooked food. It’s a great responsibility for us and at night I fall asleep reading books on nutrition but the effort is worth it.

Rosa has shown so much improvement. It is difficult to count them all but especially one thing was surprising. When Rosa stopped eating meat her look suddenly appeared more focused. I want to point out some of the progress that Rosa has made since July.

Rosa doesn’t wet her bed in 6 out of 7 nights. Before that she wetted her bed twice in one night.
Rosa has a much better, faster and more regular bowel movements.
She wets her pants less often and has many dry days.

Rosa digests her food much better and we discontinued giving her additives which she needed for her digestion. We also were able to discontinue her Vitamins pills. Her chewing and swallowing has greatly improved. She has developed a sense of taste and eats slower. When she doesn’t like something she doesn’t eat it. It’s new for us because before that she gobbled down everything without difference.

Rosa sleeps a lot better and doesn’t wake up that easy anymore. After 10 years she is able to fall asleep by herself. For the first time the lab results are normal. In the past she was slightly anemic and always had elevated liver lab.

She looks a lot better. The color of her face looks healthier and her features resemble more and more the features of a healthy child. Her running has improved. She talks more and uses the same sounds regularly.

Her manners improved. She is a lot calmer, obeys more and behaves a lot better in the presence of others. Other kids often invite her to play. She improved her communication and writing with supported communication is a lot easier.

She can move around the property on her own. She takes part in her program with more desire and more pleasure which makes it a lot easier. A miracle after so many years.

We are just around Christmas time and Rosa will take part in our Christmas play again. This time she will play the angel messenger. I hope everything will work out. Now I have written quite a lot but I still wasn’t able to tell you everything. We have started a small garden on Rosas 10th birthday for example. Or about Rosa’s first dance lesson. Before our last trip I found Rosa’s old passports again and I am quite astonished about her transformation.


Rosa at the age of 3 months, 4 ½ years, 9 years and 10 years

The last picture was my favorite. I still have the original. The transformation really is something.

With kind regards Elke, Darinel, Maria and ROSA