How to help


Funds collected for the appointment in 2014:
3,709.08 dollars (48,352.00 mexican pesos)

Funds needed: 4,291.00 dollars
(61,648.00 mexican pesos)

(Last update: April 2014)

Thank you for all you support!

The total cost of the next intensive treatment period is 5,165.00 dollars. (74,000.00 Mexican pesos). The cost of the trip and food is approximately 3,000.00 dollars (40,000.00 Mexican pesos).

How can we come up with 8,000.00 dollars (110,000.00 Mexican pesos) twice a year?

Maybe we can find someone who can help us with 8,000 dollars. This is not too probable. Maybe 80 people can help with 100 dollars; or 800 people can help us with 10 dollars; or 8,000 people with 1 dollar. We don't know.

Please support us in one of the following manners!

•  If you have the economic means don't doubt in helping us with a donation. What ever you can give, is a big help for us.

•  If you don't have the economic means, organize a small collection among friends, colleagues or in your church or school. Please relay our thanks and appreciation to the friends from past collections. 

Rosa`s Bank account number in Germany: 4001227881
Name of account holder
: Elke Franke
Bank: Sparkasse Oder- Spree
Number of Bank: 170 550 50
International code:
IBAN: DE 2217 0550 5040 0122 7881

•  If you know of a foundation that could offer us support, let them know.

•  Send this link to people who could be interested.

•  Print and copy Rosa's history and give it to people who could be interested in helping us.

•  Even if you can't help in any other way, send a message, prayer or greeting to Rosa. Rosa loves your messages.

Mailing address:

Darinel Domínguez,
Vientos Culturales A.C.
Priv. Coahuila Prol. s/n, Col. Plan de Ayala,
29110 Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México,

Phone: (0052) 961 61 5 75 60

Greetings also to all the people who carry us in your heart, even if you don't communicate. We know you are there and that you accompany us with your best wishes.