February 2001 May 2001- Rosa can roll 2002- Rosa can stay in a seated position  January 2003- Rosa begins September 2003 April 2004- Rosa begins October 2004 Rosa walks 1000m in 30min Rosa walks  Rosa begins to read in german and english 
Rosa can hold up her head a homeopathic treatment  Rosa can creep alone  to walk holding hands Rosa walks for the first February of 2005 Rosa walks 600m in 30min 1500m in 30min Rosa does high school level math     Rosa can say more than 10 words
July 2000- Rosa is born with an anular pancreas that is operated the first day of her life,  November 2001- that improves her health a little.  Rosa`s health improves enormously  time alone  Rosa can stand up without help  Rosa can say 2 words (agua and mamá)  Rosa reads adult level commercial books with speed   and short phrases 
she suffers from a neonatal sepsis Right Femur Fracture, Rosa spends 3 months in a cast  Rosa begins desintoxication of Fenobarbital, concluding in March of 2004 Rosa reads homemade books up until 25 words per page     Rosa can recognize the       Rosa communicates 
from her legs to her hips Rosa sometimes says ma ma ma  Rosa no longer has convusions Rosa can solve simple math problems      characteristics of objects       consistently
Gastroesophageal Reflux during her first year of life Agust 2004- Rosa laughs when    through touching with       with facilitated communication 
Frequent respiratory sickness (asthma)  tickled and has tactile sensibility Rosa communicates selected words in a table      her eyes closed     (she can express everything writing) Rosa can follow step-by-step instructions 
December 2000- Heart Operation (interauricular communication)  Epilepsy - Medication with Fenobarbital      Rosa begins to paint Rosa decreases her hyperactivity
Encephalitis because of cytomegalovirus August 2003 - Operation- Colonstomia       March of 2004 Agusto 2004 - Operation     Rosa communicates that she has a lot of auditive hypersensibility, that negatively influences all the areas (mobility, behavior, language).  
Anal dialations because of problems of elimination  Rosa is unable to sense, she doesn`t react when we call her, she can`t see well.         Operation-    The colonstomy is eliminated,      During the years 2005 and 2006 Rosa manifests a behavior that she calls `hyperactivity`, she has little control over her actions.  Rosa resolves her elimination problems 
she can`t move around alone, more than roll a bit on her torso, she is flacid, without strength,  We begin the Program of the Institutes         Anorectoplasty Rosa`s intestines is reconnected to her anus.      Rosa cannot communicate through spoken language regularizing her trips to the bathroom to one time per day 
Genetic Diagnostic: Partial Trisomy 14 aparently she doens`t have understanding  for the Achievment of Human Potential      After the operation on her anus, for 2 years Rosa has problems with elimination, she goes poop constantly, from 4 to 12 times daily. 
based on the book `What to do for your  September of 2004-     Rosa can`t communicate satisfactorily through spoken language
Bobath Therapy- 2 times per week Conventional Therapy- Movements in limbs, electric stimulation, rolling on her torso, ball,  brain-injured child` by Glenn Doman Dental Reconstruction May 2004- We visit the course The first appointment in the Institutes of Philadelphia  Rosa doesn`t straighten out her knees when walking      Rosa has a lot of auditive hypersensitivity, that negatively influences all the areas 
sensatory stimulation etc (2 hours daily)  (2 hours daily from Monday to Sunday (Intoxication of Mercury  "What to do for your brain-injured child"      (mobility, behavior, language).
 in the first year)  from the amalgam fillings) We begin the intensive program that takes up all day Monday to Sunday      Rosa can`t behave at the level of her age. 
We continue this program until the current date