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Rosa is a brain injured child with a Trisomy 14 and needs help for her Intensive treatment program

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Our daughter needs your help!

Rosa was born on July 10, 2000 in Chiapas, Mexico with cerebral lesion because of a Trisomy 14. At the age of three, Rosa had a neurological age of only 3 months and suffered from epilepsy and continuous illnesses that put her life at risk. She had very little movement and seemed to have no understanding.

It was then that we, her family, encountered “The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential” in Philadelphia, United States. We attended and started an intensive therapy treatment with our daughter, which includes intellectual, physiological, physical and sensory programs. The basic principal of this program is to work with the appropriate frequency, intensity and duration. We follow what the Institutes indicate, all day long, from Monday to Sunday.

In the last 12 years Rosa has turned into a girl with very good health, who walks and run. Rosa was disintoxicated from medications and no longer has convulsions.

Rosa learned to read before the age of 6 and since October of 2006 she can communicate through facilitated communication, a technique which allows her to point out letters on the computer keyboard, or paint on a paper receiving a light support under her forearm.

This support is comparable to the crutches that an invalid uses to be able to walk. For Rosa it is a bridge towards the world and up till now the most complex and rich way she has to express what she feels and thinks. Rosa uses facilitated communication to communicate all of her needs throughout the day. She also writes letters to friends and to her grandparents.

Rosa's advances aren't a miracle; they are the result of more than 25 thousand hours of disciplined work with her program during 12 years.

Since 2015 we are also introducing other therapie methods like Tomatis, Visual therapie and Hippotherapie.



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