Our Daily Program

This program was designed specifically for Rosa by the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. It is not applicable to other children with brain damage without the professional help of the Institutes. I can't guarantee the truthfulness of my commentaries about the meaning of each one of the activities.



Physical Program (Each physical program is also a active respiratory program)

The walking doesn't form part of Rosa`s program in this moment but it is an important activity during the day.

2 sessions of 30 minutes daily in the Kato device for a better walking posture.
Rosa can learn how it feels to walk correctly.

20 sessions hanging in a diagonal plane per day to better Rosa 's manual ability and in preparation
for the swinging her arms .

3 sessions of 10 minutes per day on the stairs so that Rosa can learn how it feels to have her knees straightened out.

100 log rolls per day for better balance.
50 forward rolls per day for better balance.
30min crawling per day in short sessions for better coordination.










Physiological Program


40 reflective face masks for 1 minute during the day to increase
the flow of oxygen to the brain.

25 Inhalations of O2 / CO2 during the day of 30 sec to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain.
Rosa spends 2 hours during the day and all her sleeping hours at
night on the respiratory machina. The vest helps for an effective exhalation. As a consequence Rosa`s inhalations are very deep
and also more regular. Rosa can learn the correct respiratory pattern.
6 cross patternings of 5 minutes per day for better coordination.














Intellectual Program
Rosa's intellectual advance was rapid and impressive. She shows us daily that brain damage is not associated
with lack of intelligence.
She is brilliant.


Rosa communicates by the medium of facilitated communication all day long and also write letters to her friends and grandparents. For this she uses different methods.

Rosa relieves daily information of general knowledge through Bits of Intelligence. Here we see 3 Bits of the category ‘The History of Film'.
(10 new Bits daily)

Rosa is a quick reader and reads a book daily. She prefers high level books. One time per week she writes
a summary about a book from her selection. (It is fitting
to mention that we began the reading program 4 years ago with single words in large font and simple
homemade books)

Rosa daily reads mathmatics books and she solves math problems of a high level. (We started the Math program 3 years ago with point cards and simple equations)

















Social program

Deserved Prize: Art Museum in Philadelphia (1500 points).

Through the civil code program, Rosa learns how to overcome in our society.

Rosa has responsabilities that are both personal and for this program and is awarded with points all day long or fined in some cases. The points are kept in two bags, one is mom`s and the other is Rosa`s.

Rosa can cose prizes daily, weekly or monthly in exchange for her points. The program is a great motivator for her, now that she can obtain an immediate profit for all the hard work she does.



















Optimal Auditive Environment Program

We protect Rosa`s ears with earplugs and noise elimination system to help to reduce her auditive hypersensibility.

With her head phones, Rosa listens 3 times daily for 10 minutes to the TEAS program (Transitory Electronic Auditive Stimulation) that is recorded on 13 different CDs.














The Nutrition Program