Rosa´s Paintings



For Glenn Doman
(April 2008)

Dear Glenn

It is sad, that I couldn't see you last time. The theme of the painting I give to you today is about my inability to express my intelligence. It is my biggest problem in this moment and also I can say that it's what mostly is interfering with my integration to society. For my romantic feeling this is really important. For my practical feeling it is more important not to have auditory hypersensitive. Finally I thank you, for being born. One thing is important, that I will never will give up, until I achieved my graduation.

Thank you

Goodbye Rosa



For Glenn Doman
(September 2007)

Gleen Doman, it's that I don't want to waste time writing about all the good that has happened to me in this last period. It's more important to explain to you the painting that I made.

It is a landscape in which it is possible to be putting a hand that means something that few people can understand. It's a magic hand because it totally changes the landscape. It is something that appears out of nowhere and that wants to make people think that the world can change if you want it. You want it. For this reason there are the institutes. 

Few people desire to change because it's terrifyingly painful and for this courage is needed. You have this courage. It could be that this saved my life. Thank you, Rosa.



For Dad
(September 2007)

Dad it may be that you like very little but I want to give you this picture of my hands so that you remember me when you work in the workshop…..

...........Sorry if I give the least pretty painting but I can paint another at home. You can put it on the wall in the living room.

Goodbye Rosa



For Rosalind Klein Doman
(May 2007)

Rosalind.......…… I write to you about my painting.   It is a brain that feels attacked by noises. You can see the part where the ponds is and the mid brain and it's possible to see how my person is lost in the simpleness of it's personality, lost in the eternal unreducible entrance of noise to my brain, without being able to tend to or hear the normal reasoning of Rosa, because it is too much for her to bear this situation. It is much better now but still it's an eternal torture and sometimes I can be in great desperation and people don't realize.  

Goodbye, this was all, Rosa.



For Mom
(May 2007)

It`s a little sad that I couldn`t paint.
I was going to make a heart for Mother`s Day
It`s very important for me to tell you that I love you a lot
and that you are the best mother in the world.

Can I give you a hug? It is a loving hug from daughter to mother.




It`s a little difficult tos say, but to me it appears a landscape,
in which the sun is burning

(Abril 2007)






It is a sunrise in Eisenhuttenstadt.
It's very pretty in Eisenhuttenstadt. I would like to go.

Eisenhuettenstadt= city, where mam was born.






It is the sun rising from the sea.





It's what I feel when there is noise. I feel injured as if I were bleeding.






It is a boat in the sea. It is the Mary Selly. It is a ghost boat.





It is my hyperactivity, you feel the anger that I can't control.
It's very anguishing and it hurts me a lot when this happens.
It is a chaos in my head.






It is my anger when we do patterning and
it is powerful in its ability to dominate everything in me.







It's a powerful beast. It can totally invade me. It is very big, my anger.