Appointment in the Institutes for the achievement of human potential September 12 to 16, 2005

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It is difficult to describe what we feel now that we have returned from Philadelphia . We achieved this trip thanks to your support that has come to us in many distinct forms. We experienced grand emotions to see that our petition had so many responses. When we started to give out Rosa 's history, we were not too sure. It was not an easy decision to talk to the whole world about what we were experiencing. Now we see that Rosa 's history has woken up a lot of emotions, many of them positive.

We received beautiful cards and greetings, individual donations or group ones or collections, and many helped to spread Rosa 's story by sharing flyers, photocopies or emails. We became in contact again with many friends who we haven't seen in years. We have received donations from Mexico , Germany , Switzerland , Belgium , Italy and the United States . We also received anonymous donations. Thank you for standing in long lines at the bank thinking of Rosa .

Many of you don't know each other because you have known Rosa at different times or places. Some of you have never seen Rosa . Her story has moved you and from far away your support has reached us. Maybe one day we will meet. You are welcome in our home. And you know that we never leave because we are always doing the program. When you come to visit, perhaps you will see us doing cross patterning, walking, doing somersaults or studying mathematics or intelligent bits. In any moment you are welcome.

With your donations, you are not only helping Rosa . Through the cost of the appointment, the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential receives support to be able to continue its work discovering new and effective methods every day in the treatment of cerebral lesion, in this way forming a more dignified not just for children with cerebral lesion, but for healthy children as well. During our visits we attend two days of conferences. What we learn in the conferences helps us with Rosa, but also with the work we do with our organization Vientos Culturales (Cultural Winds) and the children and youth we work with in marginalized communities of Tuxtla Gutierrez , Chiapas , Mexico .

After our return we were very tired. Our week in Philadelphia had been a lot of work and a lot of emotion. Our first feeling, after tiredness, was fear (and we are not fearful people). We had achieved this visit. But would we reach the next, and the next? It is still a long road ahead. When Rosa was born and diagnosed with “Trisomy 14” I said many times, “Yes, she has Trisomy 14, but I can't help imagining my daughter in a school like any other child, playing and learning with the other kids.” Some of you will remember. I didn't say it just once. After a while, I stopped repeating it. Recently I have begun again.

Every human being is unique. Rosa is unique, Maria is unique, Darinel and i are unique, and every one of you as well. Some of us don't achieve our maximum potential, which is a shame, because our society and our loved ones need it. Rosa achieves her maximum potential, and she keeps growing, every day a little bit more. We never stop dreaming. There is something we always say and it is a great truth: “If you have a dream, be patient, and never stop working towards it. By itself it will come into being.”

We remember this and are no longer afraid. We are working and content.


Of course we immediately started the new program when we returned home.

Thank you for all your support!

We have all received a lot of good energy from all of you, especially Rosa.
Thank you!



Stay in Philadelphia

We arrived Saturday, September 10. This time Maria came with us to know where it is that her sister goes twice a year, and to learn more about the program. We spent Sunday resting and preparing last minute things for the appointment.

Monday, September 12:
The first day was dedicated to the evaluation of Rosa 's advances. Giselle made the revisit history, noting all the changes, achievements and problems that Rosa had since her last visit.

Dr. Ernest did the evaluation. This time Rosa was tired and didn't demonstrate any desire to show off her advances. This is the reason we bring to every visit a video that we make at home. One can see her actual level of progress in mobility, language, manual ability, reading, sound perception and tactile sense. In the Institutes they registered two victories for Rosa since our last visit: She can now walk, and she can pronounce a few words. And her understanding has improved a lot. Of course we started the new program immediately upon returning home. The clinic personnel still found some irregularities in Rosa 's walking, bending her knees too much.

Afterwards, Dr. Morales did the medical evaluation and we discussed the problem of Rosa 's frequent bowel movements. They also did exact measurements and found that Rosa has grown 4 cm since the last visit. At the end of the day we met with Ann Ball for the final report. We were congratulated on the excellent work we had done at home and we discussed our actual situation and attitude towards the program as a way of life.

With Ann Ball and Diana during the final report

Eliane Hollanda taking Rosa´s measurements

With Dr. Ernesto during the evaluation


The same day Grandma Edith arrived from Germany to take care f Rosa during the two days of conferences. After not seeing each other for a year and a half, it was a great joy. During theses conferences Rosa stayed with her sister Maria, and together with their grandmother Edith from Germany they did a splendid job taking care of Rosa .

Tuesday and Wednesday, September 13 and 14:
In these two days we attended approximately 20 hours of conferences and we learned more about the development and growth of children with cerebral lesion. This time there was a lot of emphasis on communication and language, which was fabulous for us since we learned new methods through which Rosa, who still does not talk, can communicate with us.

At the end of the day the results of all the children in this group are presented. It is a very emotional moment for all the parents because they hear the achievements and problems of other families from all over the world.

In the conference auditorium

Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th of September we were taught Rosa 's new programs.

Rosa 's new physical program:
The gravity free program is a physical program that asides from being fun, will improve Rosa 's balance. She will also begin to brachiate on a set of bars to improve her manual ability, and walk in different settings (flat, on ramps and uneven ground).

The gravity free program is very fun


Nati Tenacio Myers teaching us Rosas new program. Nati also is Rosas tutor.


Rosa 's new physiological program:
Rosa will do 6 cross patternings daily to improve her coordination; she will continue doing respiratory masks throughout the day, and she was indicated the positive respiratory patterning program, which as we already witnessed, is a wonder for improving her language. This program is first done manually throughout two months, but afterwards a machine does the work throughout the night and at nap time (the hours in which Rosa sleeps).


The machine is an air compressor, a regulator and a vest with air pockets. The vest inflates at Rosa 's natural breathing rate and helps her to exhale better, and as a consequence, good inhalation, and she learns in this way how to breathe better.

This machine has given us a bit of a headache, as it is quite expensive, but taking into account that Rosa will probably use it for many years, the inversion is worth it.

Rosa was given changes in her diet as well as supplements and vitamins to control her frequent bowel movements.


With the respiratory machine

With Dr. Thompson and Rogelio



Rosa 's new intellectual program:
We are very happy about Rosa 's new program. We had already felt that reading and the homemade books were not satiating Rosa 's thirst. Rosa is now doing math with points, and she also initiated the intelligence bits program, where she sees daily a category of 10 new related images with their names. For example: famous painters, masterpieces, world monuments, mammals, birds, flowers, flags. Rosa loves this program and her knowledge is increasing rapidly. It is also benefiting Maria and the rest of us as well. We have to prepare new material daily, deciding what spark of human knowledge we will offer our daughter the next day. We research, look for photos, images and information. This intellectual program is like food. You prepare for hours and it is eaten in 5 minutes.

Other programs:
In this appointment Rosa was blessed with “The Law” program. We learned how to teach Rosa to respect certain rules and to behave in a way that benefits her and all who surround her. It arrived just in time because sometimes Rosa behaves like a little devil, being mischievous and testing our patience.

Being around the other families is always a great emotion. We are not many, the families who live this lifestyle. There have been volunteers who have told me: “Surely you are the only ones who do this so completely”. Let me say that we are not the only ones; maybe there are not thousands, but there are hundreds of families throughout the world that are doing what we are doing.

We also encountered some Latin American friends that had started the program with us and had achieved significant advances. We took advantage of the opportunity to share ideas for our intellectual program.

If this short report casually awakens the interest of a family that needs support, check the web page of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential .







Financial summary

Thanks to all your support, we raised the amount of
can Pesos (=10,939.97 Dollars or 8,751.98 Euros)

It was more than we had hoped for. But it was important since this time Rosa was assigned to some new programs which entail the purchasing of new equipment, such as the respiratory machine and accessories for the free gravity program. To control her frequent bowel movements she was prescribed many new vitamins and supplements which are quite expensive.

We hope with all our heart that you agree with the way in which e used your donations.



= Dollar

= Euro

















Blood tests




Vitamins, supplements, hard frequency measure, metronome, tubes for gravity free




Mathematic kit




Respiratory machine




Harness (gravity free)




Karabiners (gravity free)














Mexico: Many thanks to Emma Gutiérrez, Cotty Pastrana de Robles, P. Renato Rondolini, Osvaldo Gutiérrez and his mom, Crehta de México (Mario Cancino Villar, Lupita Guzmán Monzón, her dad and friends), Asociation “ La Logia Amazónica ”, Laura Zepeda Orantes, Luz María Ríos Castellán and Liliana Zuñiga Rueda, Collection from the school “Diego Rivera”, Hiram Marina of “Lacandontours” and LA PERRA.

Collection of señora Marlith Nucamendi Molina: Family Ríos Santiago, Family Molina López, Cristina Gordillo Aguilar, Sr, Freddy Aguilar, Fam. Rojas López, Family Alabat Zuñiga, Family Rincón González, Lic. Yesmin Lima Adam, Brothers Favian, Mónica and Mary, Family Marquez Gálvez, Fidalma Jiménez Velasco, Family Caseres Arroyo, Family, Lazos Avendaño, brothers Luís and Jorge, Family Tapia, and everyone who made anonymous donations.

To Emma Gutiérrez for putting me in contact with the programs of the institutes, to Gabriel Sosa of FICCIONA for editing the videos that we sent to the Institutes, to Raymundo Zenteno for revising the history of Rosa, to Silvia Ramírez for helping in the design of this web page, to Sara McGrath for patiently translating to English these pages as well as all the reports for the Institutes, to David and Jacob Guzman for coordinating Rosas program with the activities of Vientos Culturales.

We thank all the actual volunteers in the cross patterning: Don Carlos Roblero, Bobby Lee (England), Audrey Frennet (France), Liliana del Carmen Gómez Nucamendi, Magdalena Domínguez, Fabián Hein (Germany), Fabián Rodríguez Diaz and Don José María Gomez Moreno to whom we wish will and health because he is gravely sick right now.

To Angélica and Rafa and their sons Emiliano and Pablo for existing, for being the only other family in southeastern Mexico doing the program, and for being our friends.

We also want to thank everyone who helped Vientos Culturales with loans, because you helped in a difficult time during which we were planning our trip.

Germany: Warmest thanks to our friends Mattias Raabe, Liane Stein, Heiko Hoppe, to my sister Uta Holz and Frau Dr. Chessin. To the business SIMPEX and the office of Engineering of the company FERROSTAAL. To Sven Quenzel and Gwyn Pietsch for spreading and sharing Rosa 's history. To the family Brand, Ines Fielecke, uncle Volkmar for helping in the correction of Rosa 's history and to my parents for helping in everything.

Belgium : Warmest thanks to the wonderful family of Frie and Marc Van Bockstaele- Vanhees and their son Jense Van Bockstaele, who will see Rosa running in the grass.

Italy : With many fond memories to Elio Rudelli, Elisa Cameirano and to Alexandra and Mario Brusadin and Giorg Biason.

Switzerland : With many fond memories to Rita Schüppbach.

United States: To Sammy Mack, who perhaps will visit us some day.

Spain: To the VANESSA foundation for including a link to Rosa`s Webpage on their homepage.