Appointment in the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
November 15 to 19, 2010


Financial summary




Rosa with Glenn Doman













Dear friends,

Our last visit to Philadephia was really tiring but also very successful. It is rather surprising that we still learn so many new things after 7 years. This depends on the fact that the Institutes always look for new methods of treatment and impose changes which can help our children.  

We are really proud of Maria. She is 13 now and took care of Rosa the two days just by herself.

This time we attended two days of lectures. Especially interesting was the lecture about restorative yoga which was just recently introduced.



During the evaluation Rosa showed many positive changes. Her hearing sensibility improved in a way that she doesn’t need to wear headphones anymore. Her ear protection is only needed on rare occasions.

She was able to answer well all the question with her tablet. Improvements in her behavior, walking, running and other exercises like hanging were observed. She now is able, with the help of a safety belt, to hang vertically from a pole.

Rosa also read a lot the last 7 months. Probably we should once again mention that Rosa understands English, German and Spanish perfectly. She is also able to read Japanese very well and is able to read almost everything in Portuguese, French and Italian.

We tried to freshen up her Japanese in the last 7 months but it’s rather difficult without our Japanese volunteer Yu. We then started with Russian.


The internet is once again a big help in the preparation for the intelligence program. We don’t pay that much attention to it though and focus more on practical problems like dress and undress on your own, washing the dishes, set up the table, playing messenger on our big property, collect trash, everything that can help Rosa become more autonomous. 

Rosa’s language improves constantly. She uses more and more words or reasonable sounds to express herself. The progress takes it’s time but certainly shows improvements.

Teruki talks with us about Rosas Intelligence program.

Rumiko explains us the new physical program.

There are some problems that make us and the institutes worry a lot:

The positioning of Rosa’s legs has only improved a little during the last treatments. Her legs form an X more often and she has problems stretching her legs while standing up. Rosa has had many different programs to correct this but not one of them was able to correct it completely.

This time we will utilize deep tactil stimulation of the responsible muscle groups and a daily 40 minute exercise on a climbing wall.


Deep tactil stimulation

Rosa still isn’t able at all to see three-dimensional. She can see very well and read really small fonts but she is only using her left eye. The right one is switched off. This constrains her abilities to walk, run and handicaps her in everything.  

Her movements are never definite because she never knows if there are steps or just lines on the floor in front of her. By chance we shot a video of her trying to cross a 10 cm and 20 cm tiny hole. She needed more than 10 minutes and lots of persuasion to do it all on her own. The programs for the oxygen enriechment and every kind of physical programm should help improve that.

Rosa will be doing restorative yoga twice a day, too. We are already very excited for the results.

Restaurative Yoga

Dad tries it, too

Rosa talks to Glenn Doman thanks to supported communication.

Rosa shows her most recent paintings.

Rosa’s new uncooked vegetarian diet pleases the Institutes and we will keep on improving the diet during the next months.

She runs daily now (15 minutes warm up, 20 minutes running and 15 minutes walking to cool down). In January Grandpa and Grandma come for a visit. They will be amazed.

I am pretty sure there is more to tell about our last visit but this is all I can recall. Thank you very much for your help. Rosa works hard and takes more and more responsibility in the program. She is 10 years now and we have achieved unbelievable things in the last 7 years with the program. She keeps getting better and we are sure that sometime in the future she will have the same life as others of her age. Please keep supporting us so that we can achieve our goal.
With best whishes for the New Year.

Elke Darinel, Maria and ROSA

November 2010













Financial Summary

Thanks for all your help we collected a total of

32,556.49 mexican pesos, which corresponds to
2,657.67 dollars or 1,925.85 euros.

We whole-heartedly hope that you are in agreement with the use that we gave to your donations.


= dólar

= euro

Appointment of 5 days in the Institutes


Simultaneous Translation

Travel Allowances (Tuxtla Gtz., México - Philadelphia)



The costs that exceed the total received donations were supported by our family.






In the United States:

A thanks to “Hosts for Hospitals" and its manager Mike Aichenbaum. A special thanks to the Libba family and Charles Affel, who warmly received us for one week in their home.

Bei unserer Gastfamilie haben wir diesmal Monika, Alex und Andrea aus Guatemala getroffen.

In Belgium:

We warmly thank the family of Frie y Marc Van Bockstaele- Vanhees and our friend Jense Van Bockstaele.

In Italy:

We thank Elio Rudelli, his mother Patricia and all his family.

In Germany:

We warmly thank Barbara Weise, Liselotte Hagemann, Ulrike Hartung, Hildegard Bulik, Ursula Beige, Katina Volkland, Christa Barentin, Martina Schulz, Wolfgang Görsdorf, Gisela and Reinhard Lehmpfuhl, Dr. Maria Luise Winkler and Martin Winkler, Beate Tremmel, Lothar Grimm, Frau Dr. Chesin, Frau Dr. Annemarie Semm, Reiner Glöckl, Erika Beyer and Hans Kirst, the Wellmann family and my parents Edith and Eberhard Holz for helping with everything.

In México:

Thanks to Cleotilde Pastrana de Robles, Silvia Ramírez and Victor Peréz (Chiapashosting)

Moreover we thank Emma Gutiérrez for putting me in contact with the programs of the Institutes, to Silvia Ramírez for helping with the design of this website and to Emil Laske for paciently translating these pages to English.

In Spain:

A special thank you and best wishes for Ángela Roces and her parents.

Some impressions from the airport in Houston: Rosa was able to find her way to the gate by herself.

Like always a special thanks to all the friends who were not able to contact us but always supported us.


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