Appointment in the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential September 12 to 16, 2005

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Thanks so much to all of you. A long time has passed since we returned from Philadelphia . As always, the emotions and impressions were many and there are many things that we still have to digest.

We had a lot of problems this time during the trip. We traveled by bus instead of plane to Mexico City . This was not a good idea. Rosa became sick with diarrhea during the trip and had to have a special diet the entire week. The conditions were difficult due to the weather in Philadelphia . It was very cold and there was a bit of snow. Rosa was sensitive to these changes and was not well during the week.

We were received for free by a host family. In this way, we did not have to pay lodging and the family of Libba and Charles Affel offered us invaluable support during our stay.



With the Affel family

With Nati Myers, Rosa's Tutor

The difficult conditions did not affect the appointment at the Institutes.

In Monday's evaluation, Rosa obtained a new victory. In understanding she climbed a level in her development profile. She can now read independently anything in Spanish, as long as the letter size is big enough and the page doesn't have too many words. We will be decreasing the letter size and increasing the number of words per page until we arrive at the moment in which Rosa can read commercial books.

Her intellectual program will now include foreign languages: English and German. During this visit Rosa understood a lot more English. In the last six months Rosa has seen a lot of documentaries from the Discovery Channel in English. We believe this to be the reason for her increased understanding. Along with her intelligence bits, she will receive pieces of intelligence, information that is offered together along with the bits with specific details about the image viewed. The math program will continue in a more advanced way.

The waiting room at the Institutes seems like a true camp. It is our home for 5 days, and also a place of interchanges and friendships.


María playing with a patient from Norway.


Rosa can't resist the translator's computer.

In the physical evaluation, it was determined that her walking is still not perfect. Her knees are still doubled. We now have a new biofeedback program which consists of deep, tactile massages of certain muscle groups to help improve this problem. In these first days at home we have already seen good results with this treatment.

We were also given a new method of inhalations with a mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It will be a little difficult to buy and install the gas tank and will mean an additional expense. But we have a lot of expectations with this treatment which promises improvements in all areas.

We attended, as always, the two days of conferences (Tuesday and Wednesday) to learn about new programs such as nutrition, civil code, language and physical development.


Here we are trying out the new treatment

We enjoyed immensely the reencounter with the other families and the interchange of experiences.

What was not easy for us was the “Honeymoon” program. The “Honeymoon” is the program of “not doing the program” and lasts approximately 2 months.

After 3 years in the treatment (of these, 2 years in intensive treatment) we were able to rest, reorganize, and most importantly: Rosa had the opportunity to go out and experiment with her new abilities. She went to the zoo to see all the animals that she learned about in her bits, walked in the park, climbed in the playground, went to the museum, the theatre, etc. And most importantly, she has more opportunities to adapt socially. Intellectually, Rosa is above age level, but she still has the habits of a baby. She now has to learn to follow rules and behave like a girl of her age. The law program will now be more important.

We had a lot more time for facilitated communication. Rosa can now write with her finger using a chart, signaling the letters and forming words. She is still beginning, but with time this form of communication will be able to support her in expressing herself while she works on improving her still limited language.

The Honeymoon ended in the middle of May to return to the intensive treatment program. We had more time to think.

During the visit Rosa 's life plan was designed. We know that there is still a long road in front of us even with all the advances that Rosa is making.

Rosa was 3 years old when she started the treatment. At that time her neurological age was of a 3.5 month old with a growth rate of only 10%. After 3 years in the treatment Rosa has achieved a neurological age of 26 months with a growth rate of 37%. Our goal of course is 100%. Rosa now develops 6 times faster in the program than before it. The diagnostic: “Profound cerebral lesion” has changed to “Severe cerebral lesion”.

Up till now, Rosa has had one “Victory” in her development profile per visit. She needs 13 more to complement her neurological development. If she continues developing at this rate she needs six and a half years more in the treatment and then a few more years to perfect in all of the areas. It's only an approximate timeline, and we are aware of the effort that awaits us. It's a difficult road, but the only one that will help us to achieve our goal: Rosa 's complete rehabilitation.


Talking about the life plan

Photo session with Glenn Doman, Founder of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. We had the good fortune of attending his conference about the "Life plan".

Many thanks to all who helped us with this visit. We trust in Rosa, in ourselves and in all of you. Even though we can't see many of you, we know you are there: here in Mexico , and in other parts of the world.

Affectionately yours from Elke, Darinel, María and ROSA.

(May, 2006)

Our friend Jartum says:
Because children aren't the future of the world; they are the most alive and palpating present of the universe .

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To Angélica and Rafa and their sons Emiliano and Pablo for all their support.

We also want to thank everyone who helped us with loans to finance our trip when we still had not collected sufficient funds to pay for the plane tickets.

In Germany : We warmly thank our friends Liane Stein, to Frau Dr. Schminke, to the family Schenitzkie, to Frau Dr. Dribbisch, to Frau Dr. Schulze and to Julia Pietsch. To Gwyn Pietsch for correcting and promoting Rosa 's history and to my parents Edith and Eberhard Holz for helping in everything.

In Belgium: We warmly thank the family of Frie and Marc Van Bockstaele- Vanhees and their son Jense Van Bockstaele, who we hope can visit us this summer. A special thanks to all the friends who helped in the collection of funds that this wonderful family organized.

In Italy: With many good memories to Elio Rudelli, his mom Patricia and all their family, to Elisa Cameirano for the Italian translation and a special thanks to Leonie, Ives and Loredana for the invaluable support given in this translation.

In Switzerland: With many good memories to Rebecca Streiff and the circus collection.

In the United States: A special thanks to “Hosts for Hospitals" and their director Mike Aichenbaum, an organization that organizes contacts with volunteer families who receive, without charging, the families who assist the Institutes, saving us in this way the costs of lodging. A special thanks to the family of Libba and Charles Affel, who for a week warmly received us in their home.

In Spain: To the Fundación VANESSA for their interest and for including a link to Rosa 's web page on their website.

In Ecuador: To Estefanía Peña V. for her support and best wishes

A special thanks to all the friends who couldn't get in contact with us but who accompany us with their good wishes.