Appointment in the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential September 11 to 15, 2006


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Dear friends,
This was our fourth visit to Philadelphia . It's amazing to think that two years have passed since the first time. Time flies by. This time we want to thank especially the newspaper “Märkische Oderzeitung” which published in Germany an article about Rosa . This publicity helped a lot with the spread of Rosa 's story, and helped us gather almost half of the funds needed for this appointment. WE received greetings from friends we haven't seen in years. Thank you so much for your donations and best wishes. Back in Philadelphia , the Affel family, volunteers with Hosts for Hospitals, received us again in their house. The weather in the city was mild which helped a lot to maintain the stability of Rosa 's health.

Evaluation (Monday)

In the tiny Evolution with Rogelio Martí, Rosa surprised us with new sensory abilities. Rosa can now recognize the characteristics of objects with her eyes closed, which means an advance in her tactile sensory profile. She also increased a level in understanding, achieving in a functional manner the highest level in this area.

We will now work towards perfection trying to eliminate little by little Rosa 's problems with auditory hyper sensibility. Her walk has improved although it is still not perfect. Rosa has had advances in language. The few words she says are clear and louder, which means her breathing has improved.

She is also starting to develop laterality. She now prefers to hear and see with the left side (left ear and eye).

After a long day waiting, Ann Ball gave us the summary. Rosa has grown 8.5 months in her neurological age in the last 6 months. Her growth has been excellent. She has now reached a neurological age of 33 months and her intellectual growth has been impressive.

Con Ann Ball, Miembro de personal preferido de Rosa

Rosa haciendo caras con Diana Martinez y Jorge Morales, ambos médicos en los institutos

Conferences (Tuesday and Wednesday):

On Tuesday and Wednesday we attended, as always, the conferences. This time we received information about active respiratory programs, Ontogenesis and Filigenesis, family health, the problem resolution program, Laterality, and the development profile. We were better organized during our appointment and better rested. Because of that we were able to take fuller advantage of the subjects presented.

Rosa and Maria stayed with a child care provider during the conferences. The cost of this care has risen, but it is an essential service. It's less expensive to hire a child care provider there than to bring someone with us to take care of the girls.

Con amigos mexicanos

Relajados en la sala de espera


María jugando con sus amigos.


Rosa con un cubierto después de una caida inesperada.

The new program (Thursday and Friday)

The new physical program:

Rosa will continue with only two walks of a half hour daily. One walk will be ascents and descents, like before, and the other on a flat surface. Sundays she will walk one hour nonstop on an uneven ground such as forest or field. Hanging form monkey bars will now be at a diagonal angle while laying on a board, since even after a years effort, Rosa wasn't able to achieve hanging from a bar supporting all her weight. This diagonal board will be raised a vertical angle each time until reaching independence (hanging and supporting her weight). The free gravity program was replaced by a gymnastics program. Rosa now does forward and backward rolls and somersaults   The biofeedback program with tactile stimulation in certain muscles will continue in order to improve her posture.

The new physiological program:

Rosa will continue with vitamin supplements and an excellent diet, which excludes all allergy producing elements. Each time we give more importance to the oxygen enrichment programs.

Rosa now spends two hours with the respiratory machine during the day as well as all night while sleeping. She will continue with respiratory masks and O2/CO2 inhalations. These treatments will form part of her program until graduating.


Rosa jugando en la caja de arena.

The new intellectual program:

Up till now Rosa has had excellent advances. Her memory is perfect and her understanding level is very high and corresponds to a much older child. In math her ability is greater than ours. She loves to solve problems. She now reads quickly in larger print text. Rosa herself is not shy and considers herself “more intelligent than mama” as she has communicated through facilitated communication.

For this reason her intellectual program this time will not be as extensive as in the last period. Now the important thing is not the INPUT but the OUTPUT. She will continue with home made books of a high level, intelligence Bits, math, and her English and German programs, but at a less intense pace. Now all interest is in her expression through facilitated communication. To improve her ability to express herself writing with a chart of letters will also develop her language and behavior.

Rosa has a lot of organization problems and frequently cannot connect a piece of information with a reaction.

For example, she can answer without problem through facilitated communication, specific questions such as: What is the native city of Salvador Dalí ? To what country does Easter Island belong? If Maria buys 2 apples that cost 8 pesos and dad buys 3 apples, how much do his 3 apples cost?

But it is very difficult for her to follow simple instructions, for example: Go to the bedroom and bring me a towel.

Even though her brilliant intelligence brings her much satisfaction, her quality of life depends, to a great amount on the towel.

En las calles de Chestnut Hill

So in this visit we understood the great importance of concentrating on the “law” program to help Rosa organize herself better and control her behavior.

Even though these programs had been given to us in previous appointments, perhaps we didn't give such importance to these social programs, partly because we hadn't understood very well how to apply them. The preoccupation of achieving the goals in the other programs was too great.

Thanks to the competent instruction of Kathy Myers at the Institutes we were illuminated. I haven't finished this report in the time I had wanted, because I immediately started to reorganize all of Rosa 's program. The first days have been difficult. Rosa has to spend one minute in an isolated area every time she breaks the law. In this case, our first and only law is “Don't throw tantrums”. Maybe you are thinking that a tantrum in a child is not a big deal, but you don't know the tantrums of Rosa .

This program will help her to control her reactions and in only one week we have seen advances in her ability to follow simple instructions. We are positive that we will be able to tell you all many good things in our next report in six months.

Rosa la domadora de leones

There are two sayings in my native German language. One is, “A drop on a hot rock evaporates”, and another says “A constant drop carves into the rock”. That is what it is like with this program. Every day, every respiratory mask, every reading session is a drop. If we were to do it only one time there wouldn't be any affect, it would simply evaporate. But if we do it daily, for many years, this constant drop can carve into the rock that is Rosa 's diagnosis of Cerebral Lesion.

Maybe you think that your help is only a drop, but it has been a constant drop which has helped enormously to cover the expenses related to Rosa 's treatment. Warmest greetings to all the little drops of the world and especially to the godparents.

Elke, Darinel, Maria and ROSA September 2006

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Financial summary

Thanks to all your support, we raised the amount of
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We hope with all our heart that you agree with the way in which we used your donations.



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In México: Thanks with all our Heart to Cotty Pastrana de Robles, Emma Gutiérrez, Silvia Ramírez, the couple Mario Cancino Villar y Lupita Guzmán Monzón and their friends for the collection on their 25th wedding anniversary (participants: Ivón y Germán, Blanquita and Miguel, Marcela and Carlos, Coco and Pepe, Cecy and Eduardo, Toña and Daniel and Loly and Enrique), all the parents who participated in the collection of the school Nahui Ollin and to all who donated anonymously.  

We also thank Emma Gutiérrez for putting me in contact with the programs at the Institutes, to Gabriel Sosa of FICCIONA for editing the videos we send to the Institutes, to Raymundo Zenteno for editing my writing, to Silvia Ramírez for helping with the design of this Web page, to Sara McGrath for patiently translating these pages and all the reports we send to the Institutes to English, to Mauro Brunold for the German translation and to Valerio Pezzetta for the Italian translation.  

We also warmly thank the patterning volunteers in this period: Don Carlos Roblero, Fabián Rodríguez Díaz, Valerio Pezzetta (Italy), Audrey Frennet ( France ), Linda Thorsell ( Sweden ) Mauro Brunold ( Switzerland ) and Kayo Kato ( Japan ) – a very international team.

Sara McGrath worked hard in the preparation of Rosa 's intellectual program in this period.  

To Angélica and Rafa and their sons Emiliano and Pablo for all their support.  

In Germany: Thanks with all our heart to Frau Dr. Semm, Barbara Weise, Hans Joachim Schulze, Frau Dr. Weise, Frau Dr. Chesin, Liselotte Hagemann, Ulrike Hartung, Hildegard Bulik, Ursula Beige, Ute Siebke, Ellen Riewe, Familie Tremmel, Werner Niedenführ, Frau Wendemuth, Horst Siegel, Familie Glöckl, Hautarztpraxis Rast, Wolfgang Lassen, Christa Barentin, Axel Niedenführ, Liane Stein, Gwyn Pietsch. Julia, Anne and Jonas for correcting and promoting Rosa 's history and to my parents Edith and Eberhard Holz for helping in everything. A special thanks to the local newspaper in the city of Eisenhüttenstadt “Märkische Oderzeitung” for publishing Rosa 's store and Andreas Wendt for her personal attention.

In Belgium : We warmly thank the family of Frie and Marc Van Bockstaele- Vanhees and their son Jense Van Bockstaele. A special thanks to all the friends who helped in the collection of funds that this wonderful family organized.

In Italy : With many fond memories to Elio Rudelli, his mom Patricia and all their family,

In the United States : A special thanks to “Hosts for Hospitals" and their director Mike Aichenbaum, an organization that organizes contacts with volunteer families who receive, without charging, the families who assist the Institutes, saving us in this way the costs of lodging. A special thanks to the family of Libba and Charles Affel, who warmly received us in their home for a week.

In Spain : To the Fundación VANESSA for their interest and for including a link to Rosa 's web page on their website. Greetings, special thanks and best wishes to Angela Roces and her parents.

A special thanks to all the friends who couldn't get in contact with us but who accompany us with their good wishes.