Appointment in the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
September 10 to 14
, 2007


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Dear friends,

Three weeks have passed since our return from Philadelphia . We returned so motivated that this update, in our enthusiasm to prepare everything to begin the new program, had to wait a little bit.

María couldn't accompany us this time. The school didn't let her. Right now she is seated at my side, drawing roses with perfection. She draws roses and I write about Rosa . Dad takes care of Rosa and our world is rose-colored this Sunday.

During the evaluation, Rosa had victories in language and manual ability. Her ability to unite the thumb with the index is now consistent. Rosa can say more than 10 words and short phrases.

Everyone was happy to see her great advances in the quality of her walk although, at the same time sad, it now it just needs a little more to be perfect. (Perhaps, to reach the level that we hope for, instead of perfect)

For this reason Rosa is going to continue with the programs to improve the quality of her walk. It is important before starting towards running. Also, for this reason, Rosa will have during the next period several day marathon with the respiratory machine.

We already started this new program. Rosa works on her machine five hours every day. She enjoys this activity a lot. She is very relaxed and calm during this period. She says that the machine teaches her to breath in a regular pattern and that it lowers her auditive hypersensitivity. Better yet, she takes advantage of the time to read more and see some movies she is interested in.

As always, Rosa keeps surprises in the intellectual area. Kathy Myers received us to design the new intellectual program and Rosa didn't hold back to exclaim that everything that her mom was teaching her at home was really stupid.

Kathy let Rosa read an advanced math book and afterwards presented three problems to her, of which she only solved the first, because they were too boring for her, for being too easy. Afterwards Kathy opened the book and said: Rosa , I want you to solve problem number 29 for me. (I don't remember the problem exactly but it was very complicated and absolutely higher than my level) Rosa took 5 minutes to answer, that were the five minutes that she needed to write the answer by facilitated communication.




Her intellectual level of the past period had been of a high level (high school maybe) but it had not been enough. Arriving home we were able to give Rosa want she so much wanted. Now she reads math books and in the last two weeks she has also began with chemistry and physics. This is one of the simple math problems that Rosa has solved at home since her return.

Now it's so she wants to read a book every day, we have problems getting them.

Rosa is very motivated now. She is anxious to go to the University some time. One year ago, when we asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she answered Puppeteer, now her answer was: ´I want to study the human soul in all it´s expansion and I want to organize the world of mathematics in it's most simple containment.´


We are not scared by the supernatural intellectual capacities of Rosa . On the contrary they are one more hope for us. Such that, the moment will arrive in which she finds her place in society and can serve humanity despite all her problems. Besides it is very relaxing to think the we could invert the majority of the time in the resolution of her physical, physiological, and social problems, having the intellectual side completely solved.

Besides, it is interesting that normally the first thought about children with a cerebral lesion is to curse them with the diagnostic: ´Mental Retardation.´ It is at least one of the most frequent diagnostics that Rosa was receiving before initiating the program in the institutes.

Wich hour we will finish? Who is asking, Rosa or translator Gisella?

Problems with the respiratory device?


During the next period, Rosa will crawl.


With Nati, Rosa´s Tutor

In the institutes we really enjoy reuniting with the other families. We have the fortune of being in a fixed group. Almost always we see the same parents with their children. Every time there is more trust, friendship, and mutual help. The same happens with the with the personal at the institutes, its always a joy to return to see them all, Nati, Rosalind, Kathy, Eleani, Diana, Leon Morales, Dr. Vasquez, etc. Some we haven't seen again because their children have graduated from the program, and now they have a place among healthy children of their age.

Gymnastic presentation of Ana tostado and Carlos Romero, both friends of Rosa.


Visit to the Philadelphia Art Museum

Return to Cestnut Hill.

Dear godfathers and friends, thank you for all the help that you showed us once again for this appointment. Hopefully one day we might be able to return to you something for your kindness. We desire for you good luck in all your projects that you undertake and if you come across difficult moments, maybe the story of Rosa will help you to have excitement and desire to go foward.

Elke, Darinel, Maria and ROSA
September 2007














Financial Summary

Thanks for all your help we collected a total of

49,141.77 mexican pesos, which corresponds to
4,508.43 dollars or 3,817.98 euros.

We whole-heartedly hope that you are in agreement with the use that we gave to your donations.



= dólar

= euro

Appointment of 5 days in the Institutes




Simultaneous Translation




Travel Allowances (Mexico D.F. - Philadelphia)




Travel Allowances (Tuxtla Gtz. - Philadelphia)


Vitamins y Supplements




Babysitter for Rosa during the conferences





The costs that exceed the total received donations were supported by our family.











In the United States:

A thanks to “Hosts for Hospitals" and its manager Mike Aichenbaum. A special thanks to the Libba family and Charles Affel, who warmly received us for one week in their home.

In Belgium:

We warmly thank the family of Frie y Marc Van Bockstaele- Vanhees and their son Jense Van Bockstaele.

In Italy:

We thank Elio Rudelli, his mother Patricia and all his family.

In México:

A whole-hearted thanks to Cleotilde Pastrana de Robles, Silvia Ramírez, Radioombligo and Eliseo Ruíz.  

Moreover we thank Emma Gutiérrez for putting me in contact with the programs of the Institutes, to Gabriel Sosa of FICCIONA for editing the videos that we sent to the institutes, to Raymundo Zenteno for revising my writing, to Silvia Ramírez for helping with the design of this website, to Sara McGrath and Jessica Wendt for paciently translating these pages and all the reports for the Institutes to English, to Elio Rudelli and Valerio Peseta for translations to Italian.

We also warmly thank the patron volunteers in this period: Don Carlos Roblero, Gilberto López Ruiz, Pedro Arias López, Valerio Pezzetta, Mauro Brunold, José Antonio Guzmán, Kayo Kato, Irene Cobos, Els Vandezande.

Sara Mc Grath and Mauro Brunhold did great work in the preparation of Rosa`s intellectual program in this period.

A thanks to SIJUVE, México, for the coordination of the homestays of the foreign volunteers.

To Angélica and Rafa with their sons Emiliano and Pablo for all their help. En


We warmly thank Barbara Weise, Liselotte Hagemann, Ulrike Hartung, Hildegard Bulik, Ursula Beige, Katina Volkland, Christa Barentin, Martina Schulz, Wolfgang Görsdorf, Gisela y Reinhard Lehmpfuhl, Dr. Maria Luise Winkler y Martin Winkler, Beate Tremmel, Lothar Grimm, Fr. Dr. Chesin, Nada Quenzel, Dr. Sylke Karras y Jan Karras, Familie Schienitzki, Reiner Glöckl und Frau Adel, Frau Mohr, Anita Redlich, Bui- Bednarz Thao, Dr. Renate Schulze, Ehepaar Wendemuth, Frau Dr. Annemarie Sem, Ellen Riewe, Cathrin Rast, Beate Obstei, Gwyn Pietsch, Julia, Anne y Jonas y a mis padres Edith y Eberhard Holz por ayudar en todo.

In Spain:

A special thank you and best wishes for Ángela Roces and her parents.

Furthermore we want to thank Nguyen Minh-Tri for the generosity.