Appointment in the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
April, 14 to 18, 2008


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Dear Friends,

One month has already passed since our last visit to Philadelphia. It has been the calmest trip yet, without any problems with the flights or other incidents in the airports. We arrived safely at the Affel's house, who were as always kind enought to recieve us in their home.

The springtime welcomed us with all of its splendor. The trees were in full bloom, which seemed to affect Rosa, and her behavior changed during our visit. She was more unsettled and irritated.

During her evaluation, for the first time Rosa did not show a change in her development profile, although there were many positive advancements. Rosa can now trot, she still doesn't run perfectly but she's starting to. She goes for short runs, raises her arms to the hight of her chest and can move them in cross pattern.

Her convergencia has improved a lot.

Rosa's digestion has also improved and she can control her sphincters better, although still not perfectly.

Her behavior has improved since the previous period, and Rosa now expresses herself much more easily, she can play an active part in daily life and help out with work around the house.

I often have to ask the question: What is the cause, if Rosa doesn't comport herself well? In any given moment, is it that she can't or that she doesn't want to? The cerebral lesion is there and undoubtedly Rosa has 1000 times more difficulty in expressing herself and behaving adequately than other kids her age, but she is becoming more and more capable. Her hypersensitivity is still present, though it's getting better.

I am coming to realizing (somewhat late) that if I want Rosa to act like an 8 year old girl, I will have to treat her like an 8 year old girl. It seems incredible, but until now I had often avoided it. I used el codigo civil etc., but in general we give in to her too much. Maybe Maria is the member of the family that never did it. It's something that I am learning these weeks and Rosa adores me for this effort. She enjoys the new challenge, and is more and more independent.

In the next period, we will focus on running. Each afternoon, we walk up a hill here in Tuxtla to walk down 300 meters walking or almost running. In the mornings we walk on level ground. These outings will be the best gift of the coming period. For a year the program had been focused in our house and sometimes it got to be pretty boring.

Rosa can also now graduate from the deep tactil estimulation. Never again will we have to give the massages that we've given every day for two years.

To keep improving the posture of her knees, Rosa will keep going up and down stairs.


Intellectually, Rosa made many advances in this past period. In only 7 months she read more than 190 books (that's not a typo). Her best gift in this period is the Japanese lessons, which Rosa chose as a fourth language to learn. There have been some problems in preparing the material. It's easier to teach a language that one knows oneself but thanks to Lorena, who took on the task of developing the material, we are advancing in teaching her Kanji symbols.

Anyone who has advanced-level books that they could lend us or send by internet, including books on advanced mathematics, physics, or chemestry, that would be greatly appreciated.

Rosa visits the auditory



Rosa continues to express herself through facilitated communication. In this period, her goal is to finish a project of her own choosing, a story, novel, or whatever she'd like, but printed, illustrated, and with a cover design, etc. We surely have a surprise in store.

Well, that's about all. We are working in over 40 degree weather. The city is polluted with smoke and we´re waiting for the rain to arrive. The rain brings relief but also mosquitoes. What can you do: keep pushing ahead, that's all.

Playing with Maria

Rosa did the entire walk to the Institutes by herself

In the Art Museum


Elke, Darinel, Maria and ROSA
Mayo, 2008

Back at home

Trip to the Cañon de sumidero with Paco, Lorena and Elio, friends of Rosa.


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Financial Summary

Thanks for all your help we collected a total of

36,251.22 mexican pesos, which corresponds to
3,685.41dollars or 2,456.94 euros.

We whole-heartedly hope that you are in agreement with the use that we gave to your donations.


= dollar

= euro

Appointment of 5 days in the Institutes




Simultaneous Translation



Travel Allowances (Tuxtla Gtz. - Philadelphia)

Vitamins y Supplements




Babysitter for Rosa during the conferences




The costs that exceed the total received donations were supported by our family.













In the United States:

A thanks to “Hosts for Hospitals" and its manager Mike Aichenbaum. A special thanks to the Libba family and Charles Affel, who warmly received us for one week in their home.

In Belgium:

We warmly thank the family of Frie y Marc Van Bockstaele- Vanhees and their son Jense Van Bockstaele.

In Italy:

We thank Elio Rudelli, his mother Patricia and all his family.

In México:

A whole-hearted thanks to Cleotilde Pastrana de Robles, Silvia Ramírez and Victor Peréz (Chiapashosting)

Moreover we thank Emma Gutiérrez for putting me in contact with the programs of the Institutes, to Gabriel Sosa of FICCIONA for editing the videos that we sent to the institutes, to Raymundo Zenteno for revising my writing, to Silvia Ramírez for helping with the design of this website, to Jessica Wendt for paciently translating these pages and all the reports for the Institutes to English, to Elio Rudelli for translations to Italian.

We also warmly thank the patron volunteers in this period: Lorena Boesiger, Elio Rudelli, Els, Patricia Salazar, David Guzmán, Carlos Roblero, Paco Márquez y Liliana Gómez.

To Angélica and Rafa with their sons Emiliano and Pablo for all their help.


We warmly thank Barbara Weise, Liselotte Hagemann, Ulrike Hartung, Hildegard Bulik, Ursula Beige, Katina Volkland, Christa Barentin, Martina Schulz, Wolfgang Görsdorf, Gisela and Reinhard Lehmpfuhl, Dr. Maria Luise Winkler and Martin Winkler, Beate Tremmel, Lothar Grimm, Fr. Dr. Chesin, Nada Quenzel, Reiner Glöckl and Frau Adel, Frau Mohr, Anita Redlich, Dr. Renate Schulze, Charlotte Greiner Pachter, Familia Brandt, Family Giessler, Dr. Reiner Gloeckl, Gwyn Pietsch and my parents Edith y Eberhard Holz for helping with everything.

In Spain:

A special thank you and best wishes for Ángela Roces and her parents.