Appointment in the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
June 15 to 19, 2009


Financial summary
















Dear Friends,

Already it is November and 4 more months have passed since our last appointment. After our last trip, we had a break of 3 months from the program, called a “honeymoon", which we used for a long rest and a trip to Europe. Soon we will show the photos.

The meeting in June was a short one, we did not participate within the group of parents, since we coincided with the week of the course for the parents to initiate the program with their children.

It was exciting to participate with Rosa in a demonstration of her advances within this course. Rosa demonstrated part of her physical program and helped to illustrate how to do the program at home.

We all loved to be the centre of attention of a moment, and Rosa did it very well. It's a pity that we can not show photos, all of the family was participating and in the excitement we forgot.



During the evaluation, Rosa demonstrated progress in her manual capability, up to such a grade that the level in her development profile changed.

Despite the many advances, Rosa has not had a change in her development profile for more than a year. The institutes are very strict in this sense. Any activity in terms of mobility, manual ability, language, sensibility, understanding, or visual skill, has to be perfect to be able to apply for a higher grade in the development profile.

The development profile of the Institutes is based on these 6 columns, each with 7 levels.



Rosa has had significant advances during the last period. That's why it was decided to continue in broad strokes with a similar program. It is much work with Rosa 's behavior as still she has many problems with behaving in accordance with her age.

After the “honeymoon”, Rosa returned very motivated to the program. She says that now she understands more, why she is doing it. Her behavior has improved very much. Let's hope it should stay like that.


The next appointment is in March 2010. We don't have the exact date yet. We are working with many intentions, the rest helped us recharge our energies and we hope to see soon Rosa 's new advances in her difficult way to well-being. With best wishes.

Elke, Darinel, Maria y ROSA











Financial Summary

Thanks for all your help we collected a total of

31,026.24 mexican pesos, which corresponds to
2,154.00 dollars or 1,710.00 euros.

We whole-heartedly hope that you are in agreement with the use that we gave to your donations.


= dólar

= euro

Appointment of 5 days in the Institutes


Simultaneous Translation

Travel Allowances (Tuxtla Gtz., México - Philadelphia)

Vitamins, Supplements and Masks




The costs that exceed the total received donations were supported by our family.






In the United States:

A thanks to “Hosts for Hospitals" and its manager Mike Aichenbaum. A special thanks to the Libba family and Charles Affel, who warmly received us for one week in their home.

In Belgium:

We warmly thank the family of Frie y Marc Van Bockstaele- Vanhees and their son Jense Van Bockstaele.

In Italy:

We thank Elio Rudelli, his mother Patricia and all his family.

In Germany:

We warmly thank Barbara Weise, Liselotte Hagemann, Ulrike Hartung, Hildegard Bulik, Ursula Beige, Katina Volkland, Christa Barentin, Martina Schulz, Wolfgang Görsdorf, Gisela y Reinhard Lehmpfuhl, Dr. Maria Luise Winkler y Martin Winkler, Beate Tremmel, Lothar Grimm, Ursula Beige, Frau Dr. Annemarie Semm, Bubi- Bednaz Thao, Hans Joachim Schulze, Matthias Raabe, Reiner Glöckl, Anita Redlich, Gwyn Pietsch and my parents Edith and Eberhard Holz for helping with everything.

In México:

Thanks to Cleotilde Pastrana de Robles, Silvia Ramírez and Victor Peréz (Chiapashosting)

Moreover we thank Emma Gutiérrez for putting me in contact with the programs of the Institutes, to Silvia Ramírez for helping with the design of this website and to Jessica Wendt for paciently translating these pages and all the reports for the Institutes to English.

We also warmly thank the patron volunteers in this period: Carlos Roblero, Elio Rudelli, Magdalena Domínguez, Lucrecia Hernández, Victor Hugo Rodríguez Díaz, Paco Márquez y Liliana Gómez.

To Angélica and Rafa with their sons Emiliano and Pablo for all their help.

In Spain:

A special thank you and best wishes for Ángela Roces and her parents.



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