Thank you for
being different,

I have a garden full of roses
Who every day grow more and more
Day by day I see more their beauty
Like the sister I love.

(Maria for Rosa, July 2007)

(Tengo un jardín lleno de rosas
Que cada día crecen y crecen.
Día por día veo más su hermosura
Como a la hermana que mas quiero.)


Thank you for all the
love that you give us,



Thank you for being so attentive,


Maria is the sister that everyone would like to have at their side in my situation. She is something very important to direct me towards my adult life.

She is also the human being that understands me most and my necessity to play and do things like all kids of my age. She really loves animals, something that we share.

Something in me bursts when I see her in her eternal intents to learn things that to me appear useless for someone who I so esteem. She is in my life the person that is freely loved by me in all her annoying way of being. She is my hope and my anger because she is very healthy and I am not.

She is incredibly in love with movies that to me appear a waste of time. She little understands my interests but for me that is not important. The important thing is that she loves me like a sister. You can understand that it is not a very common thing for someone that is impatient like her. She thinks very little about my brain damage.

For me it is difficult to think that maybe there are people that think that she can lose attention because of my program. But I believe this very little, because she is the first that wants me to be cured to be able to play with me and to be together in school.

She has a cold today. That's a shame because she can`t play outside as she always does. She knows how to be with me in my hyperactivity. She also is the one who teaches the kids how they should treat me. She takes me to play and it is something very special for me when she bathes me. She always laughs and doesn`t get mad when I do something outside of the normal. She is for me the least pensive person in this family because she is a little girl and for her there are no worries. This is very nice.

I can proudly say that she is the best sister on the planet earth.

Rosa, September 2007


Thank you
for sharing,

Thank you for helping
with everything,

Thank you for putting
up with the difficult moments,


Thank you for playing ,



Thank you for being
so joyful,

Thank you for spending time,

Thank you for
being such a hard worker,

Thank you for being shure ,

Thank you for you pride,

Thank you for understanding.

You are only 10 years old
but you give us all this.
We love you.